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Accent lighting in your home

Posted : Saturday, April 3, 2010

Accent lighting - Adding the right touch of lighting in your home

By: Nicole Martins
Accent lighting - with the task and functional lighting, such as service laundry rooms and brightly lit, so you can see the white versus dark. However, in light of the results is not in the mood for a soft, add drama as this you choose accent lighting.

Parameter atmosphere wall dimming options

First stop in creating mood and accent around the house and the wall to the dimmers lighting, including chandeliers and ceiling mounts. This approach is very common and gives the opportunity to refer to an entire room or the production of softer lighting soft.

The emphasis on art and wall hangings with accent lighting

Add a museum wall light or image light is the best way to tone the wonderful works of art, and two candlestick mounted on either side of paintings, and also add stress. This can be done with the wall hanging: mirrors frames beautiful tone.

Living room: downlights highlight an area

Social sectors, such as living room and a softer lighting and space for the brand of soft. For example, add a little light under the ceiling above the couch in the living room, racing a number of options you can cast a dark shadow pools spectrum of light. This may mean that the emphasis in this area, providing light along the walls, and wash each room with a light pleasant.

Prioritize and decorating rooms for children with a variety of light

For kids room lighting tone for a series of beautiful bedroom furnished nicely. You can buy them in shapes and themes, such as submarines, cars, hearts, stars and much more. And not just a great tone to add a touch of color lights can be used at night for children afraid to sleep in complete darkness. For more information about the lighting in the home visit


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